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A full-time professional-training student at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's BA Performance.
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Over A Year and I'm Back!

Wow, I haven't done the blog since the last log-in back at May 2015. Over a year of no blog. I know why but prefer to not say it here. Got so busy with 1st year BA Performance (still hate the title - "in BSL and English" - but it got people so confused the people: hearing with BSL fluent can get in this course as well, however, it is not. To be honest - I WISH it is a mainstream course, but no, BA Performance are only for deaf, CI users and Hard of Hearing students... And most of hearing students thought that we are in BSL class to learning sign language instead than to learning new skills to becoming the actors. *Sighs* It is long processing!).

I'm not say that it was wonderful year, through my empty blog time. But am proudly of myself for found a courage to set up the new company, Turtléar, in August 2015 - which is a year old at this month! It was very small to start with, hopefully it will keep to growing in the near future. I got really wonderful networks with another companies and I'm working as a BSL video prompting for them. I'm not doing it for myself, I'm doing this for deaf community. Being actress and writer, it always in my heart and Turtléar is part of my life as well as deaf community. If you going to ask me what Turtléar is, I'm not going to tell you the full thing because, like I was said, it's small to starting with. One year old, are still in developing! I have lots of supporters from both hearing and deaf people, set up a website, keep in touch with the others through the networks, developing the more ideas for future projects. And thank to them - you know who you are! Am looking forward to it in the near future.

At the moment I do it through my free time as am a full-time professional training at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland - which I will be return in this September. At the moment I'm on holiday - which lead me back to work in Turtléar throughout my holiday time. I actually enjoying to work in Turtléar, still am. I got myself so busy through the summer - writing the scripts, also work on BSL video prompting that the companies asking me to doing for them, update the informations on Turtléar's website and share through Facebook and Twitter. And you know why it's getting so busy - it's Edinburgh Fringe, of course! Am exciting as am go to Edinburgh Fringe to see some of the shows, and flying to Belfast to visit Bounces Festival at end of August. And write blogs about it. See? Busy, busy and busy!!

I looking back at myself since my last blog. It's not everything that were wonderfully but am learning that I can stand up for myself, not let people to get me down what they are hoping that I should be. I am professional actress, and writer as well - that's what make me so happy. I also been to considering so hard for a bit while and decided that I'm giving up the social life, like as spend money on night out, parties and drinking. These money I need to save up that can to spend the wise, like as the most important of my life: to visiting many of the festivals as I can - so I can meet old/new people through the networks (and of course - drinking! That's what money are worth spending.) and visit many of the screens, in art world and performances to see. So, no social for me through my studies time. I might sound like as a boring old fart but I don't care. Festivals, performances and art events are important to me. If there's any art world's deaf events - please do let me know! I'm enjoying Deaffest at last year and am looking forward to May 2017! Am considering about going to France's Deaf festival: Festival Clin d'Oeil at next year. I gotta to be stay strong.

Think it's enough for me to write furthermore of blog. Will continue to write the blog when am going to visit at some of the performances in Edinburgh Fringe and also Bounces Festival - so, watch this space!

Oh! Before I forget... If you are deaf or hard of hearing, wants to know about the accessibility (BSL interpreted or captioned) in Edinburgh Fringe - you can visit Turtléar's website here and Edinburgh Fringe's accessibility website here. Or click "like" on Turtléar's Facebook Page, and following @turtlear_ltd on Twitter. (Remember that Turtléar's website is still in the process!) x

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