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Deaffest's 10th year anniversary 2015

Happy 10th year anniversary to Deaffest!! It was my third time to visited into Deaffest - 1st one was years ago, think it was in 2006 - Deaf film & TV festival. Then 2nd time it was at last year (2014), when I introduced my friend Ciaran after told him about some deaf's various of the festivals and Deaffest is one of them. Then this year, I introduced both my daughter and a friend, GJ and Danielle. Possible at next year it's more than just few of us??

That's shame that not many deaf Scottish come down. But, I have to point it out... Scotland is now developing more and more of deaf people (including youth) to interest in artists/media. I remember when I was in my late teenager, some of them said "Why can't you move down in London?". I would, trust me, I would! But what's about Scotland? It need to grow the popular of deaf actors, writers, filmmakers, and so go on. (It's so fewest short films happened in Deaffest made by Scotland.) So I decided to stay in Scotland, encouraging it to grow big and bigger, then biggest. When it's happening in the near future, then both Scotland and England can make a better network. That's why I choose to staying in Scotland but I'm fan of travel, I do!!

However, sorry I went off the road, let me get back in the right road again! Deaffest. Yeah, unfortunately, we only stay on Friday night and Saturday night, then gone home in the morning with a wee (massive) drama... One of our friends missed the train!! Ouch. However, I wish I could stay in after party, so it will give me more chance to get in the networks because it is very important to show yourself, as well as they show me theirselves. But I didn't... Because my daughter's 16! So I can't leave her alone in the hotel. Hopeful at next year they'll allowing age 16 & 17 years old people in with special wristbands so they'll know that these people aren't 18 yet so won't service the alcohol. Hope it's solve the problem!! My daughter would love to get involve in the network next year.

I seen The Tribe on Friday night. Erm... Okay. But I didn't walk out of cinema anyway. I'm stay, and trying to understand what they [actors] going to do, what they're doing next and so go on. I'll recommend anyone (over 18 only!!) to see it if they're brave enough to brace themselves.

Young Deaffest Award - congratulations to Deaf Youth Theatre from Glasgow, staff from Solar Bear Theatre Company and Ian Bustard (director)... "A Love Divided" has won the award!! I'm proudly to play a small part (Terry The Tattooist) and those fake tattoos all over me. Took me so ages to removed them but worth it in the end, like my daughter said in her speech!

I haven't seen any films throughout the weekend because I want to catch up with people, including Stephen Collins, Caroline O'Neill, her husband Mark, Nadia Nadarajah and some others. Also the programme's a bit confused... But all volunteers, staff, bar staff, performers, people behind the stalls and so many more, well done. Will come back at next year... Hope 16 & 17 years old allowing to get in after party! And will ensure to stay there more than 2 nights!

So, Scottish deaf friends who are interesting in tv/film festival, artists, media etc... it is worth to go in there! And English deaf people... Don't bite them, harass about their signing or whatever... Please give them a massive welcome into Deaffest!!

Deaffest is in Wolverhampton, Lighthouse Media Centra, every year (May)... You can check their website here in case you're interest to going at next year!

Thank you, Deaffest, for let it happens!!

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