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Blood Wedding (rehearsal & touring)

"Do you feel any of homesick?"

It got me thinking. Wow, it's already end of 8th week since I started working in Dundee Rep's building (as part of Graeae, Dundee Rep and Derby Theatre's production "Blood Wedding"). Been in the rehearsal for 5 weeks along with 8 actors (Amy, Millie, Annie, Irene, Miles, Gerard, Ricci and Alison) and Vikki came to join us later in end of February - they all are such lovely casts. We all work together in the rehearsal along with changing of the scripts, learning the lines, re-learning new lines or cut off the lines and so go on, finding better way to performing (movement, emotions, blocks, props on/off the stage etc) then start performance on first night of open in Dundee Rep on 4th March. What I've been learning (yes, am still learning) about my character, Agnes (mother of Edward, the Groom)... For the start, I can tell you that I'm nothing like as my character... Absolute nothing! As myself a performer, I can't hear such a thing. I hear nothing surround me, even responding from the lovely audiences. So Vikki keep points me out that the audience did laughing out loudly in the way my character has said. That's how I found out more about my character and also how relationship my character with her co-workers' characters (son and a friend from the neighbour). I actually enjoying to play as my character. I love to pretend to be someone else while costume of EJ left behind in the dressing room! So, it's in middle of March and I'm still in Derby. Got responses from the audience through Facebook, Twitter, face-to-face which were so positive responses about my character, even Blood Wedding casts & plot. Can't believe that we all have done 18th performed on the stage front the audience so far! Feel so quickly since we started the rehearsal, that's amazing experience.

So, let's go back to the question that I'd been asked by Jenny Sealey, Blood Wedding's director: "Do you feel any of homesick?".

And my honesty answer is:


Obviously, I DO miss my family very much. But I love working as a performer. That's what keep me so happy. Before Blood Wedding, I has a badly habit: biting my fingernails... But now my nails' growing big than I've tried at few years ago but failed. It actually growing and I can scratch my back, oh my god! Love that feeling while scratch with a bit long nails!! I could feel that I whimpering happiness while doing that! Ahem, sorry. However, I found that Blood Wedding touring actually change my happiness. I love it, I'm such a lucky bitch to working with Jenny Sealey (Director) and glad to be re-union with Nickie Wildle (assistant director) again after almost 10 years in London where we met in BBC/Channel4's Talent Funding for Disabled Actors. I also to met new people since I started work there (From Dundee Rep to Derby Theatre). My Facebook's added up so many friends, even followers in Twitter!

Great experience.

If you want to visit Graeae's production "Blood Wedding", the touring will be in Derby until 28th March, Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock (1st - 3rd April), Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh (8th - 11th April), New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich (14th - 16th April, and Everyman Playhouse, Liverpool (21st - 25th April). Visit Graeae's website here.

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