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Deaf Youth Theatre: Summer Filming Project (July-August 2014).

Solar Bear Theatre Company ran 3-weeks summer project for youth members of Deaf Youth Theatre. They have their big challenge to acting front the camera for their new short film since last short filming they've done, Cartoon Love. However, most of youth members haven't got that experience before, so Solar Bear bringing it up again for them to give it a try.

At first week, we all did workshops with mixing of the group but often split in two group as Northern and Southern group. They were so hyper at each other! However, they managed to sharing their ideas, thoughts, play around with the story's plots. It was a long week for everyone else, 10am until 4pm every days, except the weekend.

Then 10am - 5pm for filming for second and third weeks! Through filming, most of them complain for waiting too longer, boring and fed up. They didn't realise that it is so exact will happening in the real life with TV/film companies. Both are so different between the stage and TV/film... Stage - speak out with the lines and/or movement in the right ordering from the script to upon the stage. However, the TV/film - the ordering are mixing up, start with 4th scene, then 10th scene, 1st, 30th, 12th scenes and go on! So mixing up. Also TV/Film can be from inside or outside, the weather could be hottest sunny or freezing/snow - depend on what the script that need to complete for and/or weather on any days. In the end right after one filming's wrapped... Then they will be editing the film in the right order to make a straight-story for programme/movie. I explained to youth members that any actors from anywhere in the world could be waiting for a day, few days, a week until it's their turn to acting front the camera. For example, an actress in X-Men (2000), Rebecca Romijn (aka Mystique) complained while waiting for her next scene(s) in 8-10 hours of make-ups from her head to toes, Brian Singer (Director of X-Men) tried to calm her down. Hopeful it help youth members to be aware what's it's like in real life with all actors from TV and/or film. However, there had been so stressful moment, not just youth members but all the staff as well. I was alright there, as both assistant and actress (aka Terry The Tattooist) but only few things that stress me out was the staff repeated over and over in sign language which to made youth even more confused at each time they've made a mistake. I want to point it out that just show them what to do instead of talk. If youth actors make any of mistakes, staff do not need to repeat to remind them... Real life actors from TV and/or film won't get repeat the remind from the directors too often. Best way to back off unless they asking for it.

Hope the pressure didn't put youth members off with the staff that got too much of involve. Trust me, it isn't happening in real life. If any actors need an assistant, like as Communicate Sign Worker, Interpreter and/or PA, they will ask for it. Not too many of CSW/interpreter like these staff in summer project. Just point it out so youth members would've know what's the different between DYT and in real life's TV/film companies. Not 3 CSW, 1 interpreter, 2 staff, 3 filmmakers. It will be 1 or 2 CSW(s)/interpreter(s) of your choice and thousands of background employers from the director to the teaboy.

I spoke to some of the youth about the filming, they said would not to do that ever again. Only few of them might would like to do the filming, MIGHT. However, I'm definitely still up for it!

Hat off toward all of youth members who have been involved of filming project. You guys are really well, you must pat your hands on your back!!!

Overall, congratulations. Can't waiting to see the short film hit in the screen in Glasgow Film Theatre, around this November. Watch out for this space!

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