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Ramesh Meyyappan's Deaf Theatre Skills: Visual Workshop

Ramesh Meyyappan's Deaf Theatre Skills: Visual Workshop - 5 ladies and a male applied for this workshop course. At every day from Monday to Friday, we all doing the warm-ups before move on with the process of workshop. We all have been learning how to develop the visual storytelling that Ramesh has been taught us: how to walk/run in same spot without wandering in the full space on the floor; how to show that we're walking up & down the mountains/hills etc. When he gave us a few of short pieces, like as "suicide", "fly's annoying you", etc, I found it so difficult to thinking how to show the story but in the end I did it and received the feedback from the others. It was really great experience. I did "The Hare and The Tortoise" visual storytelling before, but his workshop was really inspired me.

I has been asked a question myself: "how did he adapt from the stories (from the books) into the visual and physical theatre styles?". He explained that to us - find the story, they inspired you, decide to change the story into on the stage by pick the word by the word out of the story and then that's the visual!

On Wednesday afternoon, we received a copy script/text of 'A Woman Alone' which I did that short piece with Hilary Jones, Voice teacher from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland at last year (July 2013). But I was aware that Ramesh's style was very different than that. After read the script, we discussed over what "A Woman Alone" was about. Then we start to rehearsal the process. We did the visual and physical theatre styles - all at same time and we did some of the individual performance. It stress us out as the performance's come close and closer, but at before of the opening performance, we running the rehearsal quickly and got it in the end! Got a good feedback from the audiences which seem a lovely successful so far!

What I has been learning about this workshop... How to becoming the visual and physical theatre styles, but overall isn't just about learning; it's about to make new friends, help us to develop several of ideas that we can to sharing and we possible to surprise ourself with our skills in the end! I was really, really enjoying this workshop, we all have a great laughs, tears, confident and very proud with the end of the short performance. Do not want it to be over at all! Ramesh Meyyappan, thank you for taught us the new skills. And to Ciaran, Amanda (Scott), Aimee (Cockle), Lynn & Moira, thank you for being a great work team!

*It was happened on Monday 11th - Friday 15th of August 2014, at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Summer School) from 10am until 6pm every day and a short performance on Friday at 4.10pm for 20 mintues.*

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