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Deaffest and Deafinitely's Midsummer Night's Dream

This event is based in Wolverhampton, at Light House Media Centre by Zebra-Uno which to set at every year (May) and it's my 2nd time to attended. I had to introduced my apprentice colleague, Ciaran, to this event so he understand what that was like. Deaffest which to give people a chance to watching deaf directors/filmmakers/actors' own works on the screens. It could be documentaries, short films, feature films, many more. They also have the workshops events throughout the weekend for young & youth people to get involve. I really enjoying the short films included Four Deaf Yorkshire Go To Blackpool (which had a Q&A with director & actors afterward), Tree Fairy and Four but most of my favourite Deaffest film was Lake Windfall.

Through the network recess, Visual Vernacular show their own piece performances - few of them that I can't understand clearly, except both David Sands and Brian Duffy, their pieces were very clear visual way of storytellings and so funny. Brian's performing with a hilarious end which he has broke the rules for spoke in BSL but I still find it was so hilarious!

Overall, I have to say, at this year (2014)'s network was so disappointed. Maybe it was because not many people to attending? However, hopeful there will be more films from Scotland at next year (as this year's only one Dummy Jim) and also 10th anniversary - more people coming, more the merrier! I will to ensure to put on my diary for next year! And short message for all... Don't forget that Scotland is now growing new theatre/TV/film for deaf people so keep in touch through the network for both England and Scotland, even worldwide. It's all thanks to Solar Bear Theatre Company, Birds of Paradise Theatre Company and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Deafinitely Theatre's Midsummer Night's Dream
It was my first time to attended Shakepeare's Globe in London to watching Midsummer Night's Dream. Have to tell you truth, Midsummer Night's Dream is my favourite William Shakepeare's play and it was so wonderful to see this play in BSL for very first time. Not sure about Visual Vernacular's style as I didn't find it very clearly except both Nadia and Adam, their performing did show very clearly to understand. However, I love the costumes, actors walking through the audience's and the props. Both music and dancing were so beautiful. A bit disappointed that the lines I love from the play wasn't there (the part where both fairy and donkey make the conversation about the beard). However, I understand that they can't cover overall play on the stage but the way they described was perfect match. I am give this play 9 out of 10! Thank you, Deafinitely Theatre & Paula Garfield for to made it happened! If Deafinitely Theatre's planning to make another William Shakespeare's play, I will definite be there!

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Deafinitely Theatre's Midsummer Night's Dream

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