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Imaginate Festival 2014

Imaginate Festival, it was the festival for children and young people (but any ages still going!). This year, it's their 25th anniversary festival - Congratulations, Imaginate gang!

The festival have the most of visual, some of them have small talking in and some have a lot of talking in the plays. But they're very suitable for young children. (My son would've love them, unfortunately, his school's far away from Edinburgh which are difficult to travel!) as an apprentice, I was attended at the shows, include "The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik" (Australia), Tiger Tale" (Scotland), "Up to Speed" (Scotland), "Manxmouse" (Netherlands) and "Saltbush" (Italy & Australia).

"the Adventures of Alvin Sputnik" was my favourite visual play. Their show did to use the talking/music, but, let me tell you the truth... I do not NEED interpreter to translate me throughout the show. Their visual are very clearly enough for me, as deaf audience, to understand overall. If they're on tour again in UK, I would've give all of the deaf audience a very highly recommended. You would've notice what's going on in that story yourself. It was so...Mindblowing, Jaw-dropping and my eyes stay staring all the time without to blink them.

I also enjoy "Tiger Tale", it was a very visual. Very tiny of talking but I still don't need a translate. Their movement in the story were so beautiful. And the smell of orange, which to give myself such a surprise but loved that idea!

A-lot-of-talking shows of "Up to Speed" and "Manxmouse" with BSL Performance (interpreters stood on the stages) - I've seen "Manxmouse", twice; one with interpreter and other without interpreter. I enjoying "Up to Speed", love the idea of flashbacks between science show and school. Actually, I did enjoy both of their performances. So funny!

"Saltbush", it was alright. It's only suit for young children who fell in love with something so magical. I've heard stories about how it awe toward at every kids. A girl in her wheelchairs - performers ensure that she's involve on the stage and magical lights which to got adults so emotions. I think it's amazing and hat off to the performers.

Sadly, I want to go ALL of the other shows! Will go there at next year and grabbing as many as I can! Look back, I was so disappointing. Not lot of deaf audiences attending in Imaginate Festival at this year. 2 interpreters were there but I was only the deaf person that attended. Hopeful at next year if I find out which date(s) of interpreters, I will be ensure that deaf people will be aware about that events. However, I will going, with or without interpreter(s), to have a look at all of their works.

You guys... Keep eye on the next year, May 2015. It might going through the school week but they will be opening through Saturday and Sunday too! Keep your diary all clear for Imaginate Festival - your children would've love several of these shows!

Imaginate Festival's link here.

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