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Voice & Masks Workshops

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Deaf Theatre Skills)

Deaf Theatre Skills (DTS, for short) is on every Tuesday evening in Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) - that is a short course for students who are deaf/CI users with BSL. It was started in 2012 with "10-weeks Pilot" at first, to gave RCS a chance to have a look at our performance skills, which was very successful so the short course are still there, possible forever! (For new deaf students to join-in in the future, of course!)

Anyway, the reason why I want to bring it up on my blog. Those 2 workshops were really excited evenings for me, so I want to share with you about:

Voice Training (2 evening classes)
Masks/Commedia dell'Arte (1 evening class)

Voice - it wasn't about "how to improve your talk/speak". It was about how to projection your sounds out from your diaphragm. That's it!  No matter if you can't speak, all you need to show the audience how's loudly your voice can be to reach when you trying to show them your feelings - angry, happy, overjoyed, sorrow and go on. That's sound to make than words. We all learning how to projection the sounds from high or low:

"Awww" - deep male's sound
"Ahhh" - high male's sound
"Oooo" - lower female's sound
"Haaaa" - high female's sound

When do the high projection, I can feel the vibrate from my throat /forehead; When do the low projection, vibrate come from my chest.

I did enjoying the voice training. At other hand, I found out that other students didn't like it because they're so embarrassed to use their voices or even dislike to get told what to do. So, I want to point it out that they didn't control you. They just want to find your voice/sounds, that's it. It's just part of the training. AND... Most hearing students find it so struggling to do the voice training so its not only deaf students though! It's part of challenges. Drop the "stubborn" thought, and give yourself a challenge to show them what you can do with your voice/sounds! Don't be afraid to play with your own voices. I can speak aliens' language, you know!

Commedia dell'Arte - That's the workshop I love the most! Once you wearing the mask, you show the people your body language, the way your character walk, what did our behaviour like, so small or so tall and go on. For example, when we crying, the audience found it so funny to watch us. That's not because they found it so funny when we're cried... That's because the way we acting with our masks on. I can tell the students in my class actually enjoying it and so gutted that it was only one-off workshop! Masks' work really well for deaf performers, definitely.

At our next step to focus on... The script! Yay! "Antigone" - we're going to learning the lines over Easter term, rehearsals and then performance in end of June!

Voice's link: How voice work?

Masks' history link: Commedia dell'Arte

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