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2 weeks to observation at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland...

1st week - I'm back work since Christmas & New Year holiday and also recovered from ill. It's good to back! Both I and Ciaran visited in one of RCS' productions, "The Merchant of Venice" by William Shakespeare (I have most of Shakespeare's plays books, except this one) but I didn't know full of the story about it. So one of our interpreters, Wendy, explained so brief about the play to made us prep to be aware what it was about before arrive in the tech rehearsal inside RCS' building. Met Ali, the director of this show - he seem very busy along with the tech crew as they discussed over which light effects to use, where the block will be and go on before 3rd year students turn up. We haven't got a chance to 'interview' anyone in there - they're so busy and we didn't want to disturb them! We learning a few words, like as "Tweeter", "Woofer", "Tracking Show" and go on (tech's own language!). They are so hard work, but also a great team while discussing throughout the tech rehearsal and also how to use lights' work when actors came upon the stage. One of those students, William (I think it's his name), came up and talking to us before rehearsal start, to asked a couple of questions about our apprentices work and our shows in the near future. I'd managed to asked him one or two questions about how he feeling about got that role in this show, he seem very looking forward to performing his part! Break a leg! (Theatre's talk, hope you don't think I actually break his leg?!) Overall, the staff/students are nice, welcome us to watched their work for 2 days.

2nd week - visited at River City's set! When Wendy drove us into the set, I first saw the building of River City - all of it look so real. Seriously, they're real... The flats, pub, road, cafe, garage, bus stop, newspapers shop, chemist, dentist. Unless you going in, everything made out of woods (except the cafe and hairdressing... But no roof). The surface of these building are fake. Oh, in the cafe... Everything look so real. I recommend you to relax in there but do not eat these muffins, they're painted it out with PVC glue like they're put the make up on the actors for light's reflection the screen. Wendy lived in Italy for 6 years and she pointed it out that the pack of foods from Italy. Real food? Who know. Beer's real, obviously. If no beer, it will not look so real on the screen. My brain's still running about, which sent the message in my thought when I walked in toilet for private business and my brain told me: "That bog is fake! That taps are fake!" But in the end I'd managed to flushed my business down in the bog. Too much information? I know. Oh, where was I? Oh yes, since the staff were so nice to us, they told us to be free and walk around in the set, so we were nosy around. The drain are fake as well. Sorry, I did said that everything's fake (except magazines, drinks & foods... But only faking muffins. Maybe cafe keep muffins on the plates for life...?) - awe. Mind-blowing how it work between fake set to look so realism on the screen in your own home. I remember watched River City when it first started because John Murtagh was in as George - he was the one who taught me drama in Ayr College years ago. Wow. However, the reason why we were in the set. We were observation at 3rd year students from RCS to acting front the camera. They acting repeat and repeat, with continuity (to ensure actor put right place, which arms lay on, where they stand in first place without make any mistake on the screen), camera move from the angle to other angle, lights effect beam and go on. There's other new words:  "double banking", "film flag", "yashmax" & "wild track". Both theatre and TV tech are both difference languages!!!! We met a lovely man, Willie - he's work inside the studio of River City's set, he was so pride to show us around inside one of the flats' living room/kitchen/bedroom set. Thank you Willie for show us around inside. Everyone's so kind to us, thank you for show us around too! Those students seem enjoy themselves front the camera and background, everything. Hat off to them! 2 brilliant days at River City set! Am proudly to be there!

I (and Ciaran) were really enjoying to visited both The Merchant of Venice's tech rehearsal and in the River City's set. Thank you for have us around and watched all of your works, RCS! And thank you Wendy Rae & Mel Toner for interpreted too. X

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