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One day in London but end up stay overnight.

I was so nervous and excited at once while went on sleep train, my head was running about but thankful, I can managed to fell sleep. It wasn't that good to sleep on sleep train's bunk beds but actually I got a plenty of slept.

Arrived in London at next morning, at 7am. So I'd decided to going into McDonald's for breakfast and also use their wifi. Unfortunately,  wifi wasn't excellent at that point and I saw Facebook that it was horrible weather in Scotland. It was so weird... Me, in cold London?

However, I got out of McDonald's and went for a little Xmas shopping just for an hour then planning to find the venue where the audition was held. It was not THAT far from Oxford circus subway! Have 3 hours left, so I found other cafe, Nero's (with excellent wifi!) to sat down and catch up with all those email, Facebook etc. except that cake was hard as rock so I'd left it on the plate. Gutted. Checked my email and that's when I found out through my mentor that I cannot go back up in Scotland due to the trains were cancelled. My first thought: where's I'm staying tonight?! But I'd decided to ignore it and focus on the audition's script, to analyse the characters' lines/background etc to be prepare for the questions they may to asking me about the script first, worrying later about how to get myself in the bed in London.

It went so past time as I arrived in BBC an half hour early (always be there early, just in case... That's how way I am, personally!!) and the staff were very friendly, aware of deaf/disabled people to turning up for the auditions. I confirmed them who I was and then waiting for the interpreter to arrive. It's turned out that I did meet her (Kate) via Deafinity Theatre's show, 4Plays! She's such a lovely lady. So we and 3 other disabled people followed the guider to auditions place. I'm not going to say lie that I was not that nervous. My thumbs became numb since tried to calm me down while made 3D stars-shape that I creating for Solar Bear's Deaf Youth Theatre Xmas review before Christmas term.

I met 8 lovely people, they were BBC & ITV (one of them come from Scotland, who was so worried about how to get home!) - they are Independent Casting Director, Executive Producer, Script Editor, Casting Directors & Head of Drama Series - some of them who are working for Corrie, Emmeradale & CBBC.

 They questions me a lot than I questions them. They've witnessed me performed 8th times with a same script. (2 of them came in tiny room with me & Kate ((interpreter)), sat down, questions me, witnessed me performed big and small style of signing, feedback, left, other 2 of them came in, all over again, other 2 and then other last 2 of them = whole 8 people witnessed who I am. Hope it made a sense?) I received great feedback from them. Two of them asked me about Spotlight - I may start in January if have enough money! One of them asked me about my agent.

After audition, I and Kate had a nice chatted and then I left. I felt so lift through the air when I left BBC building. Looking back, I've entered 5 BBC different buildings, two of them in Scotland (one of them was VERRRRRRYYY old building before move to new building, just say!). Did I touch all the BBC buildings between Scotland and England? I don't know.

Again, stay in McDonalds next to BBC building, another excellent wifi. I chew slow, surf the Internet to looking for somewhere to stay. Again, difficult to booked the hotel through the phone, Grr! Thankful, Vix, my mentor, phoned to that hotel for me. She later suggested me to watching Chicken Shed Theatre Company's performance, The Night Before Christmas. I was a bit late due got lost in London tubes! !(Of course, i dumped my stuff at the hotel first!) But managed to got in theatre. I was surprised to see about 7 or 8 actors signing on the stage, walk about. Impressive but I've missed a few of words because when one actor signing, other actor started to signing before first one to finished it. Also I don't know who's next to signing. (To be clear, not 'singing', it's 'signing' as in signing language.) I actually enjoying it very much still!

I was rush my feet off to catch the tubes, then dive in the hotel, slept, wake up at next day before my mentor ringing my mobile in case I slept in, dress up and left hotel in rush, catch tubes and then finally train to Glasgow, to meet Mona in Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to discussed over the plan for after New Year. THEN, help Daniel out with Deaf Theatre Club for the RCS' performance, Jack and the Beanstalk. My daughter took my son with her to meet us there and we all watched the performance. My son loved it!!

I was so worn out at end of the day!

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