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Pitch LIVE! - "Dad'sBasketball Basketball Girl"

What a week! I went in Edinburgh last Saturday to attended Scotland Creative's one-day course, Pitch LIVE! Which for all first-time writers who are planning to publishing their books. I'm one of them, obviously! I get my hat off to Yvonne Waddell for interpreted all the afternoon as I was so strugged to find another interpreter as co-worker!! She's so cool but so exhausted at end of the day!

Through Pitch LIVE!, it was amazing experience for me to learning something new and also very informations for me to be aware in the future if I want to publishing more of my books. Clare Hey, Jenny Brown, Francis Bickmore and Oliver Munson's tips and their works were very helpful. I let out of gasped when Clare told us: "A guy sent me a letter. But it did not suit to my company so I replied to say no, wishes him a good luck in the near future. At next thing, he put my email address in Amazon's as spam mail. Please can you guys to be nice with our companies." What did this person think?!

Seven writers to shared their pitch front the people. I'm one of them. If I have to be honest with you... I was so bloody nervous. If you look at me, I look like I was not nervous but actually, I was so nervous inside while to smiling so grinned... Because I'm not just a writer but actress as well! I use face expression when I talked (while Yvonne to voice-over for me), I feel the noise in my ears with hearing aids' help, the applause got so loudly. Unfortunely, Clare didn't like the title of my book. But the readers told me it did suit the title because it match to my book's story. So I keep the title through! 

The readers always right.

After Pitch LIVE!, Yvonne and myself went in the other hall to meet all writers. I'm not fan of wines so I drink water instead, pretend it was vodka, so, yeah. Met a couple of writers, their style of writing are all different: fiction, crime, sci-fi, screenplay (omg I love scripts!! Love them, use them a lot when I performed through college & theatres!) and many more.

One more new thing that I'd learning from one of those writers: "Please can I have your card?" It was after a writer told me she want to read my book, I told her it's published on kindle now. So Yvonne suggested me to ordered's business mini-cards which was worth to use if people ask for the cards in the near future! Will receive it next week.

Thanks to publishers and writers, I enjoyed it very much and Yvonne seem to enjoyed herself as well.

...But it didn't over yet!

I went to Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to meet Hilary Jones and Amy (2nd year BA Acting student) with Yvonne Strain as my interpreter. We discussed about the plan for book launch. I suggested that I can to use my Pitch LIVE! experience' ideas for this book launch.

"You were grinning from ear to ear..."

Said Yvonne after she saw my face because it was my very first time to watched her signed through of one and half of my book's pages! I feel so proudly with myself that I wrote that book, after 13-long-years! Also relief to let this book go of my hands like a bird flew free.

I'm performing along with Amy and Sara on 8th of October, to show the others what we did performed before summer, RCS' graduation day for Jenny Sealey, then I talk about my book experience before both Sara and Amy talk over some pieces out of my book's.

Can't wait!

Thank you, Yvonne Waddell AND Yvonne Strain!!

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