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Stanislavsky & Realism... (My thought for deaf actors/training to be one)

I went in one of RCS' summer courses, Stanislavsky & Realism at last week. The reason I choose that course, that I have heard Stanislavsky before and been learn it from Ayr College years ago. Did research on it as well. To be honest with you, I am still so confused when read the books about his work! But it didn't stop me from continue to learning about this.

However, while attended RCS' class and watched at their work. The thought ran all over in my head: how can these deaf actor (or training to become one) to get involve in this class? Some deaf I met avoid of text/script and prefer strong BSL. I understand that, I do. But I would like to say... If it is you, please do not be fright of text/script. If you are seriously about acting career, you have to accept the scripts. Every theatres, TVs, and films always give the scripts, not tell you what to say these words. I'm BSL user, yes, but also I do reading the books. Adults, Young adult, Children books - no matter. When I was young, I'm not exact bookworm person. But just before I wrote very first story, then put both my story and a published book on both sides front of me. so I read this published paperback book and thought: "That's not so right. My story is so rubbish!" So that's when I start to read more and more, and improve my English. Perfect? No, am still trying to improve my English. Keep polishing myself English today. It help me to reading the scripts back in 90s and still am.

So, I want you to thinking about it... And ask yourself this:

 Am I seriously about to becoming an actor in few years' time?

Yes, that's easy question. But you may found it hard to respond the answer when the text/scripts are involve in back of your mind. I can read the scripts, I do. But if some lines I have no clue what did it mean, I would ask. It is no harm to ask! These hearing actors (even famous!) did the same thing, am not kidding.

So, why not give it a try? Can you try it without to ask an interpreter to signing throughout full of the script? I may wrong, but that's possible what Stanislavsky (picture, above) trying to encourage the actors to learn about. The word. What's THIS word mean? It could this, or could be that. So many meanings! You read the lines, play with it, play with other actor, possible end of the day you become to realising more and more. You have to remember that the director will give you something that the scripts never say, like as a character have a secret pregnant. How did the director know that?! No, do not think it did coming from the script. It was a made-up by the director. That's what script was about... For an example, I wrote a story, know what my own image look like,but I know it will be different subtext on stage/screen than what's in my mind. Because director's mind are very opposite than my mind.

Let's go back at the script. Read it yourself. Read it again yourself. Could be 3, 4, 5 times. Then discuss with your partner (actor who you work with - could be one or two or more) over the script from your own thought and your partner(s)'. And then play with these lines from the script, perform it out. Could be improvisation (which mean you and your partner to made it up but similar lines from a piece scene) to start with. It help to develop you and you can explore your character a bit more and then more, more, more until you know your character so well.

So, I have to ask you... Can you let text/scripts into your life as a future actor/actress?

Do not be afraid. You are not alone. You have actors, training actors, leaders, tutors, lecturers, and many more... To SUPPORT you. Don't be embarrass, just do it. If you're struggling, they will be there for you, no matter what. You know that famous actors still learning as we speaking?!

I am actress. But I'm still learning. You need to keep learning to keep your acting career going. Without learning or attending in any of acting classes, your acting career possible be over.

Would love to hear your thought, feedback or anything! Keep your dream going! And you have be friend with the text/scripts/lines/words!

EJ x

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