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Forest Fringe week

I was so excited about going to Edinburgh at last week (19th-23rd) but same time my son started his very first day school as Primary One. Did I got so emotion to see him got on with his first day as school? No. I was so surprised that myself but was told that there were the new rules now that parents aren't allowing to go into Primary One's classroom because it could get the children so upset to see parents to walking off. That's why we didn't have any of emotions since Zack just being cool and waved, so I waved back. That's when we were apart for 5 whole nights. However, Zack is very relax guy, knew I will be back soon anyway!

I arrived in Edinburgh 2 or 3 hours late while they were started at 10am. But Jen Bates (the workshop leader of Deaf & Hearing Ensemble) did aware of this. Met her at outside of the building that is VERY near to Edinburgh castle!! Epic castle I've seen, never been that close before! Jen explained to me that Ciaran and other performers went out and find their place for 20minutes to explore their own thought, visual, listening/what they seen etc. That's where I met David Sands, Sophie Stone and Jacob Casselden. Then we all off to the journey, to visited their own places. Ciaran went at bottom of the stairs and explained why he pick this place. Same went to Jacob (downhill & why rubbish rolled down?), David (buses block Edinburgh Castle's view) and Sophie (in Granny green's park - write what she seen, want to eat her orange at same time but worrying about time's up).

But I have to say, well done to David, Jacob, Sophie, Nadia (which just arrived on Wednesday morning), Brian & Lucy for their wonderful performed in North Stage's show, "Bloody Great Border Ballard"... On first night we went and watched this show and I have to say, Catherine King did was so awe and beautiful. She made me felt like I was in the bed, to listening her tell me the story in fantastic style of her signing shape. So I came back on Wednesday night and there she was, again... She did brilliant job to signing FAST than on Monday night!! Still so beautiful. And deaf & hearing Ensemble performed theirs and it were VERY clear visual. (On Tuesday, all-day, that we were created the ideas on from each verse one to sixteen to gave all of us to understand what it was about, what's age was Isabella at each verse and show brief performs to each other... Jacob was very excellent teamwork I'd work with. Then on Wednesday before performance night, those performers rehearsal on verse 17 by each other's ideas to developed this scene.)

Then, on Thursday morning (11am) - moved on and started new project for those performers to rehearsal on. Ciaran and myself to filming their rehearsals, tried to put all videos down in Jen's laptop like as mad, editing and, yes, we actually from agreed to disagreed... A lot. Yep. Yep. Think we both are so angels? Oh pllllease(!) (of course I'm kidding... Am I, Ciaran?)

But Friday, I can't tell you how much I love 1st performed I went: "I wish I was alone" - about how you can't live without mobiles and remember what it was like before mobiles first started. Gave my number to Hannah Jane Walker (one of performer) and thought: "Why did they want to know my number for?!" But when I went into the room and saw all chairs weren't in perfect row, they were like, EVERYWHERE in different direct. Once Chris Thorpe (other performer) explained about the mobile, I thought: "He's f*#%^~] right! My life was amazing until mobile got over of my life!" This.... This was really to blow me away. After the show, I can't stopping thinking about this. Sadly, I cannot to left my mobile alone because of my apprentice job to keep check them up!

"Stand-by for Tape Back-up", performer by Ross Sutherland... I cried. It was link to my grandfather but he was suddenly dead from heart attack. Just about similar as Ross' so I cried throughout the show and want to give him a hug, but sadly, he already gone off the stage.

There's other shows I'd seen: "What happens to the hope at the end of the evening" it was alright. And "Hoke's Bluff" - very energy, lots of cheering so loudly, very encourage feeling. Interpreter Yvonne was the most funnier one o the stage (sorry performers but yours did very fantasic!). Deaf & Hearing Ensemble's "Roots" - so beautiful, some of flashback of a week busy. Again, well done to David, Jacob, Sophie, Nadia, Brian and Lucy and Jen. You did Jen so proudly. Give yourself a pat on your back and Jen's as well!!

Gave my kids a epic hugged when got home. Zack loved his new school and made new friends there.

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