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Currently Freelancer.
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Dad's Basketball Girl

"Dad's Basketball Girl" is my first self-published book on the Kindle. Hopeful will be on paperbacks as soon as possible. This is not my first story I've wrote but have lost the count of stories until this book came along!

Readers' feedback about the book:
"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book from beginning to end. I would recommend this book to every one to read. This is the one of the best books I have ever read such as a amazing story."
Mandy, review - 5 stars.

"This book really touched me and had me all emotional as I shed tears and smiled throughout, nice to read a story that centres around a deaf person..worth a read."
Jenni, review - 5 stars.

"I loved this beautiful story, it is so moving and sensitively written. The author obviously has great imagination and a way with words. A brlliant new talent I'd love this in paperback too! Well done EJ its brilliant and unforgettable. I look forward to the next one!"
Lesley, review - 5 stars.

"I read it, enjoyed it and I liked the twists in the story. Very good."
Liz, Facebook.

"I was surprised my sister and her daughter been read your book and said they enjoy it & said good read. Proud of them for reading your book."
Gary on his sister and niece, Facebook.

"Omg it had me in tears. I wanna hug the wee fella (Zack) it's so cute!"; 
"I love it so much. I would definite read more of your books if you are doing more. Am Impressed!"
Danielle, Facebook.

"I read it, sitting & couldn't put it down. laughter and tears but it was fantastic. Well done."
Lesley's friend, Facebook.

"Congratulations on your first published book! I've read the first couple of chapters as its free on kindle and I have to say I'm very impressed..."
Louise (sister-in-law), Facebook.

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