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First week of July!

What a week. rehearsal and brief performance in RCS, the day of graduation. I was so confident with the cues before I say the lines out. It was a very challenge for me as both Amy and Sara (performers) speak out without use signing language. I was force by use my eyes to looking out for the cues and remember lines to say it out loud. Everyday is challenge, it didn't stopping me from work with hearing performers. I actually enjoy at every minute of rehearsal and I know I will enjoy the performance as well. Jenny was so emotion as our performance's play was one of her favourite. Congratulations, Dr. Jenny Sealey. Thank to Gerry, Katrina, Moirai and Bea for coming and see me performance. I was aware that both Emma Thompson and her mother, Phyllida Law been inside RCS building, as they were awarded honoury doctorates. I haven't got a chance to seen them accepted the awards. However, I did met them at next day as they were special guests in hot seats in RCS' building for Q&A. After Q&A, I was introduced to them by Maggie as she explained to Emma that I was one of performers for Jenny Sealey. I then asked Emma to see if she's thinking to write more books, she went "well...". Then Yvonne told her that I've published mine. Emma was in so surprised. So I gave her the detail about my title of book.

So, don't ask me if she actually downloading my book or not because that's her I last saw. Will let you know if I did.

On Thursday, visit Solar Bear's DYT and watching one of their summer projects, "Funk 'n' Love" that they will to performance for NFYT camping at that weekend. But they did show us their performance with possible of tech use. They did so amazing, so proudly of them.

When we came home from Glasgow, it was so panicked, indeed!! Packing for both myself and Zack to trip down in Skegness to see the show, The Iron Man (Production by Graeae Theatre Company): while my daughter GJ off NFYT camping! My wee brother will looking after dogs through the weekend.

It was almost 6 hours travel down in Skegness and also very hot sunny down there. At next day, Zack was lost his interest in food because it was too hot for him. But we went to see 2 different performances through SOFestival, and The Iron Man as well. We're suppose to see other 2 performances but it was lost in the map, I had no clue whereabouts, so was the staff who organised the festivial(!). They were so beautiful performances, not need interpreters for that. Both trolley movement dancing and poles dancing link to the story were so beautiful. Very visual! I spoken to the lady who involve of the festivial about Solar Bear's apprentice, she got my email and text number for future informations. And did seen The Iron Man, TWICE! Zack loves it, very excited to met Iron Man in "person".

We came home on Sunday, after 7hours travel, we both were very starves as there was absolute no food services in the train when they are suppose to do so! Zack has lost his patiently and went a bit hyper. Cheers, trains' companies(!) but best news was, I received a text from GJ that her performance's finished and all of the audience stood up, and applause the show of "Funk 'n' Love". Well done DYT!

It was a very excited week!

EJ x

P.S. Sorry, I had no idea how many people downloading my book, "Dad's Basketball Girl" since it out on 11st of June! But so far I know, 3 people left on Amazon's website with excellent feedback and gave my book a 5 stars from each of their feedback! Am pleased with that.

Thank you xxx

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