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Theatre for Deaf Theatregoers.

On 28th of June, some deaf from Deaf Youth Theatre in Glasgow (Solar Bear) and some from Deaf Hub (Dundee) went and watch the show in Dundee Rep, "Let The Right One In". Let me tell you: that show really a mindblowing. Beautiful movement, story was very clear, and so many more I cannot describe how I feel about that show.

However, this is blog... I want to say to you deaf people... Theatres are really suit for the hearing audience.


Deaf people can have their freedom. I know that watching the show and look at interpreter(s) like as we're in the tennis court, turn our necks/eyes while watching the ball flying by. But it didn't stopping us from being enjoying the show.

If you found the show, for example - "Midsummer Night's Dream" (William Shakespeare), their show make you so confusing, have no idea what it all was about. Please do not think that because you're deaf; some hearing audience actually stood up and walked away. It's actually happening to EVERYONE. Please do not give up your enjoyment with theatres' shows and the interpreters' available. Give you a example... in Glasgow, Solar Bear had set up a DTC (Deaf Theatre Club) for deaf audience to visiting any shows in Glasgow, Dundee, Edinburgh and some more place in Scotland. To let deaf audience to have their relax and enjoyment to watching the shows. Also if deaf audience found some of the shows are so rubbish, please do not give up or refuse to go back again. Just give your feedback to DTC, so they can give the reports to theatres, fingers crossing they will trying to improve in the future for deaf audience. Directors possible could be a big problems with no deaf awareness, so please not blame DTC. For me, whatever DTC did was so fantastic. I don't want deaf people to miss out of anything, like as "Let The Right One In", it was AMAZING show.

If you guys who live from far away from theatre(s), hey, I'm come from Ayrshire, I'm travel with my daughter to Dundee last Friday. What's can stopping us? That's because we do not want to miss out of anything. I'm actress, my daughter is a keen-acting. We want to have our enjoyment.

If show is rubbish, ah well! That's life! Not only because I'm deaf, because hearing audience have their own taste, if they like/love, they would've stay throughout the show. If they dislike/bored, they possible would've stand up and walking out or be patiently to stay throughout the show. That's what theatres are about. Same as cinema, rubbish film? Stand up and walking away. Or stay throughout the film and begging it to be over so can stand up and walk out. It's really up to ALL people, not just deaf.

If you used to love theatre, why give up? Theatregoers stay theatregoers. Come on, come and support theatres and/or your local theatre(s).

Please try to image it yourself... Deaf shows. Hearing audience come and watching while have no signing language skills. That's same way as deaf audience in hearing shows! I'm working with people with or without disabilities but hearing, in the rehearsals and performing together for more than 10 years... Did I give up and walk away because they are excellent hearing? No.

More deaf audience, more merrier!

EJ x

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