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Rehearsal at RCS

What a morning. If you looking back at my past, I'm very organiser person. Everything in ordering for next day, very prepare for travel to work and go on. When I'm home, my written also in the order so I won't lost good plots. If you ask me about I'm good at keep organised with wallet and keys, I would be laughter my head off. Serious! But now, I'm so terrible at organiser!! Because everything going so fast, like when you sneezing, you lost it quickly because you already blink your eyes. My stuff there, and then next minute it's gone. Gee, I must not to watch too much Toy Story DVDs boxset...! Today, at 8.30am, I was so panicked. I'm suppose to take Zack to the nursery but I need short play so bad but scratch my head - how come my note jotter's still there but not a script pages? Argh! Search everywhere in the house, climbing up and down the stairs, found Mum's purple shoes and black jeans that mum said it has gone for a few weeks, yay, I found them(!) but no sign of scripts?! Totally weird. Good job I email to Hilary, head of voice at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) and she email back with script so I catch up with notes on the script, highlight my lines and go on before ahead into Solar Bear's office to catch up with stuff.

When I arrive in RCS, Hilary explained that the script's lines may need to cut off. Tell you truth, I getting use with it. No, not Hilary's fault but need to follow the time's schedual at Graduation Ceremony. For years, the script would NOT on fix. They will be change, so, if you guys want to becoming an actor... BE PREPARE! (Just say.)

I found it a bit confused throughout movement rehearsal. I'm a bit stiff, to be honest, as I wasn't sure when the cues and when I'm suppose to sign/voice. Pick up the props and signing at the same times, like as rub your belly and pat on your head at the same time. My voice was out of window when I was wee; like I said in my previous blog, I was a wild child, as I choose adventure instead than learning lip-reading and practise on my voice. Right now I trying to improve by use the voice but sometimes I forgot to use it! Today I forgot hearing aids (am profoundly deaf, hearing aid did not help me at all. Just buzzing/vibrate feeling. However, I use hearing aids to react if some noises give me a bit jumpy, the message sending to my brain and look at where the noise are come from. Zack, my 5 year old, and a teenage daughter, GJ, both are so wee sly buggers as they know how to make me so annoying when I wearing 'em!) and my speech seem to jinxed it as I was not sure if I was loudly and clear. Wearing ones may to help me to use the voice, so will bring tomorrow for 3-hours rehearsal at RCS. And remember more lines with BSL and voice at home before next day!

Sorry I've type too much right here! One more sentence....: Can't wait at end of the result of our short performance at RCS next week!


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