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My first blog

Please don't mind my English. This is my first Blog on Blogger. Why did I say "Please don't mind my English"? Well, because I am Profoundly Deaf since birth and British Signing Language is my first language. I'm so hopeless at English when I was young, due to not interest to read the books and go on, I choose adventure called "outside". Yes, I was a wild child. Poor mum of mine, her hair turning grey with stressful. I'm not smart enough with English but good at maths. Today, I'm still learning how to use a proper English but still struggling with the tense (ing, ed, past and present words). I hate books when I was younger but not now! Maths gone out of the window when I getting older. I have to admit that I'm still read young adult/teenages' novels because they are so easy to understand than Lord of the Rings' book. Yes, I did read adults books if I'm hook into them.

However, forget my English just for now! When I was wee cheeky kid, I love acting. Yes, I do. No kidding. But in my young time, several of barrels that I cannot access into drama, school drama class and a college. "Deaf becoming an actor is a big impossible." One of those Communicate Support Worker once said. "Name me one deaf actor." My mum once said. But I often was told by people surround me: "You must be actor when you're older, because you're very excellent acting as Jim Carrey!" I thanks them for say that but adults said the different which to broke my heart for being reject. So I decided to start writing the stories to free my imagination on the papers since I was thirteen. And never stop writing.

Years has past, after my daughter was born into this world, my mind still want me to be an actor. My gut agreed. And my heart as well. My personal never changed mind about me being an actor. So I went for an interview in Ayr College with no qualification, thank to adults who didn't believe in me. But two lecturers welcome me, offering me a NC Performing Arts course start in August 2001. I asked them that they're cool with me being deaf person into their classes? Donald Stewart respond: "I can't see why not? My son's deaf, there's you go."

I left Ayr College 2 years later, with both NC & HNC Performing Arts and become professional performer at Birds of Paradise Theatre Company. I did it, people, I finally did it. I'm still learning since left college; keep training how to acting front the camera, emotions, understand the character(s) and so millions thing to learning about! It didn't stopped me from continue begin actor and writer when gave a birth of my son into this world.

Today, I am student of Royal Conversation Scotland's short course, Deaf Theatre Skills (DTS) which started back in April 2012. DTS' very first show that perform front the audience few days ago, on Wednesday 19th of June. Also Solar Bear's one of three deaf apprentices which I love my part-time job.

As I said that I started to writing stories since I was thirteen. A book I wrote, "Dad's Basketball Girl", start in 2000. Believe it or not, I started wrote it IN THE SCREENPLAY! No, am not kidding. Lots of this book changed since 2000, my first rough draft was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay so sadly. But I told that to myself, "Why that? It's seem not so right. Why should I do that? Not too good, nope, not too good." The title also change a few times. The first one was "Dad's Girl" but not so match to my story and also the title was already taken. I'm so glad that "Dad's Basketball Girl" title was fixed for more than "few" years. So I changed it into a novel in 2010 and then my good friend, Penny, to fixing my grammar before sent it to kindle company.

Between myself and kindle company has been like as playing tennis in the court - email at each other over tech problems. Tech, eh? Huh! At few days later, the respond from the kindle company was a big, huge, massive wowing! "A first novel by an exceptional talent, this book will leave a tear in the eye of everyone who reads it as well as a genuine appreciation of the world of the deaf and all that it entails." (You can found this quote from if not believe me!) so, I can say that "Dad's Basketball Girl" is out in kindle (sorry, only kindle but hopeful in near future the book may print out in paperback books, if lucky because I am more paperback books person than kindle and hardback books!) on - help yourself!



  1. have just read your blogg, well done you for sticking by your beliefs, its a fantastic story and so enspiring, am off to kindle to download a copy of your book. good luck, Grace McNeill

    1. Thank you for your comment. Hope you're enjoy a copy of my book. EJ x