Actress and Writer.
A full-time professional-training student at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's BA Performance.
Currently Freelancer.
Founder/Artist Director of Turtléar.


Barriers. That's one of most hate words for me. One day when I was in my early teenage, I was so confident and said: "I want to be an actress when I'm leave school."

"Deaf becoming an actor? Big impossible." The lady told me when I was in Secondary School (mainstream).

"Drama isn't suit you. Think you're better to stay in O.I.S (computing business)."

"Name me one deaf actress."
"Marlee Matlin."
"I'm talking about here, in Britain. USA is different."

That's the whole when my life was flush down in toilet. I turned so unhappy, and my mind's full of action, drama and go on like a TV in my head but only that I'd made it up in my own. So when I turned 13, can't rid imagination out of my head so I started to write. About a hero who tried to save the world and everyone worship her.

No, I haven't rid that story. Still have it in my room.

I can't help myself to stop from keep write and write like paper's on fire. That's because my mind want to tell the stories right now, not later, not in few minutes but NOW.

However, I still want to be an actor. No matter if  small or huge, I love to pretend to be someone else, unzipped EJ's costume off me and put someone's costume back up on me for a bit. I love acting, I worship it.

Since start in 2001, Ayr College accepted me in to studied Performing Arts...
...Work Experience in Birds of Paradise Theatre Company, and then few months later became a professional actor in there...
...Several of workshops...
...Monologue in The Arches Theatre Company's show...
...Apprentice Theatre practitioner for Solar Bear...
...And also a student of RCS' Deaf Theatre Company.

Look back and smile...

They were wrong.

Never let your dream go. Make it happens.

EJ x

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