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24th of June

Got so busy yesterday by work (I know, work on Sunday! Because I want to.) on the reports and research from my visit in Dundee, and also in London at last month (to visit Deafinitely Theatre, Knitting Circle show, and a week at Graeae Theatre Company). Especially to interview people who working in theatre companies/actors/writers. Let me tell you truth, I love it. The reason that I visited London last month, because I'm work for Solar Bear, part  time apprenticeship along with Connor Bryson and Ciaran Stewart. Last week (Wednesday) I was performed on the stage along with seven actors of Deaf Theatre Skills in Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) and have more rehearsal to come for next month. Very busy woman! But felt so weird to stalker when I was research so deeply. But, please don't think me as horrible person... I'm only doing it for my apprentice work!! That's best I ever did - that's something I can wake up and smile before going to work for something I love... Theatre/TV/Film stuffs!! That's in my blood, since I was wee ponytails girl and still are!

Have more to come in next at few weeks. On this Friday, we will watch the show "Let The Right One In" in Dundee Rep. The interpreters will be there! And to performance a short play at RCS on 2nd of July, the day of  Graduation Cemetery - congratulations to students of RCS, finished their courses' degrees. Then my daughter off to NFYT camping with Deaf Youth Theatre. I wish I can go but it would be not fair on Zack so I will take him to Skegness for our wee weekend holiday and to see other show, "The Iron Man", production by Greaea Theatre Company. THEN possible other workshop at RCS with Ramesh Meyyappan. Of course, there's more to come for 14 months!

The second book is now process to fixing before send it to kindle, hopeful this year. After this, possible too long time as I get so busy with apprenticeship.

However, I'm off to blow the candle and wish that I'm a year young every year until to reach 18 year old then a year older every year until to reach 30 then back again! ;)

EJ x

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